Beat the Texas Heat

Y’all. Texas is known for brutal summers and they’re no joke. Going into my second summer here now and it only feels appropriate to share ways to beat the scorching heat. It can be done!

1. Get yourself to water, pronto. Fact is, it DOES actually get too hot some days to be outside in the afternoon unless you can cool off easily. Here are some of the best spots to take a dip:

  • Barton Springs Pool  The spring fed waters are a refreshing 68-70 degrees year round and feel like heaven when you’re roasting. This spot can be great for a relaxing day or fun with a group. Barton Springs is definitely an Austin staple.

Note: you can’t bring in any food/beverages other than water – seriously, I had an apple taken away. Come early because in the summer it does get pretty crowded. Note this is one of the only places in the city that’s topless-friendly. That’s right ladies, a safe space to go free and avoid those tan lines if you choose!

  • Hotel Pools – Several of the hotels downtown offer hours for “public access” to enjoy the pools alongside the guests. A fun way to beat the heat if you aren’t already staying at one and don’t want to deal with the crowds at other spots. Check them out!
  • Ladybird Lake – Great spot in the city to kayak, canoe, and paddle-board. Several great spots along the trail to rent any of them!
  • Lake Austin – Get your friends together and rent a boat here for the day! A 10 minute drive from downtown and you’re on the water. Check out the “party cove” – great spot to toss in the anchor, pour a drink and float.

Do you have a favorite way to stay cool during the summer? Comment and share!




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