Why ClassPass is the bomb.com

Let’s talk fitness. Specifically how to make it more fun and change it up because I’ll be real with y’all – I have been in a major fitness funk.

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When I was training for the Austin Marathon earlier this year I desperately needed something to spice up the monotony of running and basic gym work. That’s where ClassPass came in [and is what I’m hoping will pull me out of the current case of the lazies]. If you haven’t heard of this or tried it yourself, you’ve got to check it out!

ClassPass makes it possible to try out all kinds of fitness studios in your city to see what works best for you. All of this for a fraction of the cost of paying for classes at the studio itself. They have a few different packages to pick what’s right for you. If they aren’t enough, “add-on” packages (3 classes for $25) are available too.

  • 1 class/mo for $10/mo
  • 5 classes/mo for $50/mo (visit same studio up to 2 times)
  • 10 classes/mo for $90/mo (visit same studio up to 3 times)

This ends up being way ore cost effective if you’re open to going to multiple studios/mo (1 barre class starts at $20!). I’ve tried out a handful of studios around Austin – here are a few of my favorites I highly recommend you check out. (No, I do not get paid if you go. I wish.)

  • Barre3
    • Hands down one of my favorite workouts. Left every class feeling stronger and more in tune with my body and mind
    • Focuses on strength training. While some moves incorporate cardio this isn’t the class for you if you want intense cardio for an hour.
    • The team members at the downtown Austin location are phenomenal. Welcoming, professional and take care to make sure everyone in class has a positive experience.
  • Ro Fitness
    • Need a good low impact cardio workout with strength mixed in? This is your jam. Get ready to sweat. The instructors pack in intervals of how fast and far you go. Plenty of rests between sets.
    • Check out the downtown location if you can. They offer classes on the dock overlooking the river at specific times.
  • City Surf Fitness
    • HIIT & constant core work because you’re balancing on a surfboard majority of this class. Cool down with deep breathing and a eucalyptus water cool washcloth. Yes, please.
    • The instructor/owner of this joint is awesome. Super chill and very welcoming of newbies.
  • Black Swan Yoga
    • Hot yoga. The class was great and the studio was clean and welcoming. As much as I liked the class and atmosphere here, some of us just aren’t meant to be yogi’s. [Enter me falling out of 80% of the poses..]

Really though, the best part of any workout is the smoothie/brunch/cocktail/pizza at the end of it. Be on the lookout for more posts sharing top notch smoothie recipes and Austin brunch spots!


Comment with your favorite ways to switch up the same old boring workout to keep things interesting!


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