Cancun Getaway

After this trip, I’m manifesting a condo to jet to this beautiful place any time the urge strikes (also, going to need a jet). Cancun was my first trip out of the states and what a great first international trip to have! The hubs and I hadn’t had a proper vacation in over a year and since Cancun is a quick flight from Austin it was a no-brainer.

where we stayed

For our first trip to Mexico, we kept it as simple as possible and stayed at the JW Marriott Cancun. Amazing service started the moment we left the airport with a convenient shuttle waiting for us and was top notch the duration of our stay. The room had a beautiful view of the crystal clear Caribbean and our balcony overlooking it was the best place to start each day.

Since there are several restaurants on site we ate most of our meals at the resort. Nothing better than stopping in at the pool restaurant for fajitas and margs after a full day on the beach. Speaking of a full day on the beach! They also had the friendliest cabana attendants making sure our drinks stayed full while we soaked up the rays. The only disappointing meal I had during this trip was when I late night ordered grilled cheese and it was literally cold cheese on bread. Note to self: stick to the bomb-ass Mexican food while in Mexico.

what we did

For the most part, we spent the trip lounging on the beach or at the pool, drinking, and eating but a trip to the Yucatan isn’t complete without venturing out to see some ancient Mayan ruins.

Unfortunately for us, the excursion we had hoped to take to see the Tulum ruins only ran on certain days and we were leaving before it went again. The onsite excursion coordinator showed us a lesser known option that would mean not experiencing a cenote but still getting to Tulum. With no other option available, we went with it. After easily the most frightening tour experience of our lives (the tour bus showed up empty, transferred us to another empty bus in the middle of the highway, and pulled into a gravel lot because THERE WAS in fact, a cenote) I cannot recommend highly enough to avoid the lesser known tours while in Cancun. After all of that, I’m still thrilled we were able to see a little piece of history and will definitely explore Chichen Itza next time.

tips for an amazing trip

  • Don’t forget sunscreen. The stronger the better. After a full day of only moderate sunscreen application my forehead was so severely burned it was swollen. The sun is strong here people!
  • Plan any excursions in advance through a service your hotel recommends.
  • Don’t bother packing many fancy clothes. You’re going to live in swimsuits, cover-ups, and sandals.
  • Go to an ATM at your hotel and get pesos. We used pesos for almost everything – once you figure out the simple conversion rate it was much easier.
  • Unless you really want to buy something from a beach vendor (I did, got my hat that way!), do not make eye contact. A few got fairly aggressive with their sales tactic because they saw us looking their way.

Anything I missed? Must do’s for next time? Tips to make it even better?

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